20 Mar 2024

Year 1/2 students take a step back in time

Throughout Term One, our Year 1/2 students have been learning about how the past is different from the present. This exploration of history has provided them with valuable insights into how daily life, technology, and community structures have evolved over time.

To help crystallize their learning on this topic, the students were treated to an excursion at the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Pioneer Museum. The museum, renowned for its collection of historical artifacts, offered a hands-on learning experience that brought their studies to life. The students observed several artifacts, ranging from household items to tools and clothing, each telling a unique story about life in the past.

In addition to observing these artifacts, the students engaged in discussions about the connections these items have with the local community. They learned how these objects were used by people who lived in the area many years ago and how they have contributed to shaping the community's history and identity.