Anglican Schools Commission (ASC)

The Anglican Schools Commission (Inc.) is the incorporated body that owns the School. The ASC has delegated much of the governance of the School to the School Council through a Constitution. The School Council delegates the operational management of the School to the Principal. The Principal works closely with the ASC Chief Executive Officer.

Anglican Schools Commission schools are co-educational communities of excellence and educational centres of caring. Most offer a comprehensive Kindergarten to Year 12 education. They deliver excellence in education, with an emphasis on high achievement in traditional academic subjects, balanced by comprehensive co-curricular and vocational programs. These programs are underpinned by core Christian values and teaching in the Anglican tradition.

Pastoral care and social justice are central to each school’s outworking of the Christian faith within its respective community.

I just can’t keep up! On each visit to North East Victoria, there’s something new happening at Cobram Anglican Grammar School. New students have arrived, new facilities have been constructed or brought onto the school campus. Indeed, not that long ago, the campus doubled in size with the acquisition of the block behind. It just never stops at CAGS…and that’s a good thing!

Schools are places of growth. Students grow older (and taller) before our eyes. Over the years, more classes are put on each year. New teachers and support staff are added to the team. The curriculum expands. Greater co-curricular offerings appear, giving our students so many choices for engagement in areas of interest. Yes, Cobram Anglican Grammar School always seem to be growing. With over 400 students enrolled for next year, it is no longer a small school

It was a joy for the Anglican Schools Commission Board Members to share in the Official Opening of the School’s wonderful new Performing Arts Centre on Thursday 17 October. This space has ensured that CAGS students are learning, meeting and performing in a purpose-built space on campus. Whilst the physical growth (of our students, campus facilities and programs) is impressive, the measure of real interest to me is the growth of each young person in learning and character. Do they know more now than at the beginning of the year? Have they grown in wisdom this year? Are they a better person because of all that has been part of their school and home life this year? Is their faith or belief system greater than twelve months ago? Are they a more kind, thoughtful and caring person than before? These are the questions to ask if we wish to measure real growth…growth that counts.

This year Anglican schools across Australia have been considering those things that make our schools distinctive. I’m referring to our Anglican Identity or AI. There are six qualities that have been identified as core to what it means to be an Anglican school - faith, reason, worship, inclusion, character and service.   

It seems to me that Cobram Anglican Grammar School exudes these features in bucketloads! For a school whose motto contains the words Integrity, Endeavour and Community, this comes as no surprise. As students arrive at school each day, or as people drive past the campus on Campbell Road, the large school sign states these words ‘right up front’.

So I ask the question of each CAGS student…how have you grown this year?

There is no doubt that it has been another year of growth at Cobram Anglican Grammar School. That’s part of the excitement of being a member of the CAGS community. Thank you to Mr Willett and all the staff, both teachers and support staff. Congratulations to each student for growing in all ways this year.

Mr Peter Laurence
CEO of The Anglican Schools Commission

ASC NEWS | Quarterly magazine published by the Anglican Schools Commission - September Edition