Senior School

The Senior School at Cobram AGS comprises of students in Years 7-12. Each secondary student is allocated a homeroom teacher, whom they spend five minutes with at the beginning of the day before dispersing into their core subjects and electives. 

Our Senior School leadership team consists of:

  • Head of Senior School – John Thompson 
  • Year 10-12 Year Level Coordinator – Carolyn White 
  • Year 7-9 Year Level Coordinator – Melissa Knight 

These staff members can be contacted via email at:

Head of Senior School John Thompson has a clear vision of what he wants the secondary school journey to look like for students at Cobram AGS as they start Year 7 and move through to Year 12.

"As a school, our primary duty is to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment that gives students the best opportunity to succeed and achieve what they want for their futures. We also need to recognise that there is no magic switch. The skills students build in Year 9 and 10 are foundational to the success they are going to have in Year 11 and 12. As our students reach that pathway stage in Year 9 and 10, it is my objective to ensure they are able to select the subjects that align with their goals and interests and what they feel most passionate about.”