We aim to provide impartial and current information that will help our students to make an educated decision about their career pathway and life beyond school. Aspiring towards a career involves exploration, research and career conversations.

Please explore our dedicated school careers website to:

  • locate university, TAFE, and independent courses across Australia 
  • access information about the VCE, Vocational Training (VET), School Based Apprenticeships, Traineeships and school subjects
  • search for job vacancies
  • access the calendar of career events
  • undertake interest tests
  • build a resume
  • format a job application letter
  • develop a digital portfolio 

We offer a range of career-based experiences and experiments including work experience, career expos, virtual career events and industry career experiences.  

Our Year 9 students have the opportunity to undertake the Morrisby Profiling tool. Access to the Morrisby portal helps our students to explore their aptitude strengths, interests, work style, and personal learning style. This tool helps our students to research their pathway options after completing the comprehensive and holistic assessment program. For more information, please access Morrisby online and look at the Morrisby sample profile at the bottom of this page.

We are an advocate for School Based Apprenticeships (SBAT) and Traineeships. SBAT give our students an opportunity to combine their Year 10, 11 and 12 school program with a certificate that can help them either transition to the workforce, undertake further Vocational Training or gain employment if they are pursuing Higher Tertiary qualifications after their VCE.  Please see ‘All Things SBAT’.

Please feel free to drop into the careers office (located in our VCE Centre) if you have any questions.

Mrs Jade Drew is our Career Advisor.  Jade has extensive experience with career education and development in secondary schools and has a passion for helping students build their own individual career identity to assist in finding their professional purpose. Jade is well equipped to assist our students with all of their career and subject selection needs.

Jade can be contacted directly at or by phone via the school office (03) 587 118 16.