School Council

The School Council is the local representative body which oversees the core operations of the School. The Council Members, appointed by the Bishop of Wangaratta, the ASC, Bishop-in-Council and the School itself, have the legal responsibility for the proper management of the School, set the major strategic direction of the School, and appoint the Principal and the Business Manager.

A warm “hello” to all families who make up our school community,

We certainly find ourselves in unprecedented times, coping with an event we hope we will not see repeated in our lifetimes; an event which has changed the way we live and interact. We need to be vigilant to ensure we all make it safely through to the end of this pandemic, back to the pre-COVID 19 type days we now look back on with envy.

Staying safe is the priority and this is why we find ourselves restricted in our movement and activities with reduced contact with others we would normally be with. New concepts such as home-schooling, border restrictions and self-isolation will be with us for some time yet and we need to embrace these wholeheartedly in order to remain safe. We must all be aware of actions and conditions that may impact on our personal safety and that of those around us. Although we may not feel comfortable with our new environment, these restrictions are upon us to hopefully allow us to overcome this pandemic as quickly as possible.

I trust families are coping with home-schooling, with continuous assistance from our school and its wonderful staff. I think we would all agree that home-schooling has some advantages, some disadvantages and suits some students better than others, however, the sooner we can return to what we have been used to, the better it will be for all of us.

My thoughts and encouragement go out to all our students, particularly those in Year 12, who have such an important part of their education to complete during these trying times. During my time as a teacher of Year 12, I was always aware of how demanding the curriculum was and to be experiencing this under these conditions must be an absolute challenge; but I am supremely confident our students are up to that challenge. Continue to work hard, make use of all resources available to you and stay in close contact with your teachers and classmates, working together to continue to make solid progress.

Above all, stay safe, support each other and keep your spirits high!

Malcolm Kerr
Chair, Cobram Anglican Grammar School Council

The current School Council Members structure includes:

Mr Malcolm Kerr

Deputy Chair
The Venerable Neil Hicks

Chief Executive Officer of the ASC
The Reverend Peter Laurence OAM

Mr Rob Love

Mrs Jan Stillard
Mr Keith Lindbeck
Mrs Alex Monk
Ms Helen Nicholas