All orders are freshly made and delivered by Damian & Lina Gow - Hungie Fangs Artisan Bakery, Cobram.

A number of changes to the operation of our canteen are being implemented in 2021.

Opening Hours - The canteen will be open from Tuesday to Friday each week, at lunch time only (will not operate on Mondays or at recess).

Online Ordering System - We are also adopting an on-line ordering system called My School Connect (App or Website Due to COVID-19 considerations we are obligated to move away from using cash. The online ordering system will enable us to move to a more COVID safe canteen. Please find below instructions for the new online ordering system for school Lunch Orders.

  • Lunch Orders cut off 8.45am
  • If your child is sick, lunch orders must be cancelled before 9am

Canteen Window - Just a friendly reminder that Years 7-12 students are still able to purchase items at the canteen window at Lunch Time.


CAGS Canteen Online Menu List 2021

CAGS Canteen Window Menu List 2021

For any queries about the canteen or lunch orders please contact the school office or email