16 Jun 2023

Winter Sleepout promotes awareness for homelessness

At the end of Term Two, our Year 12 students embraced the annual Winter Sleepout, united in shedding light on the plight of homelessness. Armed with sleeping bags, swags, and a shared purpose, they braved a frosty night, gaining a glimpse into the challenging reality faced by the unhoused within our local community.

Though their experience only scratched the surface, it ignited a sense of social responsibility, illuminating the many hurdles confronted by those without shelter. Despite a restless night for many, the students awoke on Friday morning with smiles on their faces, embarking on a mission to rally support from staff and peers alike, collecting generous donations to aid the homeless.

The students were supported by Ms Doyle and Mr Smith, who supervised the students throughout the sleepout, while the ever-thoughtful Mrs White prepared a nourishing soup for all to enjoy at dinner time.