08 Mar 2024

Pat Cronin Foundation

In Term One, students in Years 7-11 learnt about the important topic of social violence prevention, presented by Aidan Phelan from the Pat Cronin Foundation. Pat Cronin was a young man in the prime of his life when he was tragically killed by single coward punch in 2016, aged just 19. 

To get a better understanding of the ripple effect a single coward punch or act of violence can have on an entire community, students watched a video in which Pat's family and close friends describe the impact his sudden loss had on them individually. In addition to learning about Pat's story, Aidan discussed some practical strategies around dealing with anger, and how to be alert in social situations, particularly if the energy in a certain environment "feels off."

Be wise, think carefully and act kindly" was the prevailing message from the session.