05 Jun 2023

Mr Geoff Brown chosen for Teaching Innovation Fellowship

We are proud to announce that our Languages teacher, Mr Geoff Brown, has been selected to participate in the Teaching Innovation Fellowship (TIF) program. Coordinated by the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, the TIF aims to promote innovation in teaching practices and enhance student learning outcomes.

Mr Brown's inclusion in the TIF is a testament to his dedication and passion for teaching Languages. He successfully underwent a rigorous, merit-based selection process, emerging as one of the 30 fellows chosen from 26 different schools across the state, incorporating teachers from the Government, Catholic and Independent education systems.

The TIF offers selected fellows the opportunity to receive funding for their innovation projects, which have the potential to revolutionise teaching practices and positively impact student learning experiences in classrooms and schools throughout Victoria.

For his TIF project, Mr Brown is developing an online portal specifically designed for Chinese Language teachers across the state. This innovative platform will provide these educators with easy access to a wide range of supplementary learning resources, enriching their teaching practices and ultimately enhancing the educational experience of their students.

What sets Mr Brown's project apart is his dedication to supporting teachers in rural and regional areas. Recognising the challenges faced by educators in these communities, he aims to bridge the resource gap and provide equal opportunities for professional development and access to high-quality materials. By equipping teachers with the necessary tools, Mr Brown's project will contribute to a more equitable education system across Victoria.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Mr Brown for his well-deserved selection as a Teaching Innovation Fellow. We eagerly anticipate the progress and outcomes of his project in the months to come.