13 Mar 2024

Junior School Assembly

Junior School Assembly 

On Thursday 7 March, our Junior School community gathered for assembly.

The Shining Star recipients in each class were:
Foundation A: Poppy Giddens, Dilshaan Singh and Remi Hemingway
Foundation B: Bhavleen Kaur, Layne Hocking and Jobe Mortlock
1/2 R: Blair Aksionov, Ted Watkins and Rachel Wong
1/2 F: Aiden Ciccone, Evelin Virk and Ekam Gill
1/2 B: Aidan Macheda, Ivannah Towler and Jenson Mortlock
3/4H: Zavier Latina and Merola Wisa
3/4 R: Lawson Woolley, Rianna Orsida and Jackson Wheeler
5/6 D: Heidi Quick, Hadley Tenney, Coen Pang and Will Waser
5/6 W: Nate Rodda, Jacob Latina and Harper Stubberfield

Music Awards

Amina Gatcum, Ari Zanotto and Jenson Mortlock

Languages Awards

Kegan Hollands, Heidi Jones and Henry Kelly