28 July 2023

Cyber safety the aim of the game

Surrey Hunter, the Wangaratta Police Youth Resource Officer, brought a sharp perspective to our school during his visit in Term Three. His impactful and informative presentations on the dangers associated with social media use are likely to have a lasting impact on our Senior School students.

Surrey's engagement commenced with our Year 9 students, where he shared compelling anecdotes from his professional journey, vividly illustrating the potential hazards associated with various social media platforms. His objective was resolute: to equip the younger generation with knowledge and confidence, enabling them to navigate their online interactions with responsibility.

Transitioning to our Year 10-12 students, Surrey covered a comprehensive spectrum of contemporary themes relevant in today's digital landscape. Among these, he notably addressed the issue of cyberbullying. His emphasis on the importance of seeking support from friends, family members, or educators in the face of online harassment left a significant imprint.

We extend our appreciation to Surrey for his dedication to enlightening our students about the prudent usage of social media to ensure their safety in the realm of online interactions.