Student Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

The Core Values of the Anglican Schools Commission and Cobram Anglican Grammar School are:

Living by Gospel values
Pursuing high standards in all things
Demonstrating fairness, compassion and conviction
Respecting self, others and our planet
Acting with honesty and openness
Promoting social inclusion and celebrating difference

Parents are strongly encouraged to communicate with the teaching staff, home room teachers, Year Level Coordinators and the Heads of School where queries arise over day to day issues. Parents' finely tuned understanding of their children can provide the School with invaluable insights and teachers are often able to offer useful strategies for at home.

student wellbeing

Mrs. Mary Swoffer (Junior School)

Mr. Ask Kennedy (Senior School)

In addition our Head of Welfare & Child Safety Officer, Ms. Vanessa Wannis, and Educational Psychologist, Dr. Kevin Quin, are always available for students and parents to meet with.

The student is placed at the centre of all educational and wellbeing thinking at the School. We pride ourselves on offering each student every opportunity to achieve to their best of their ability. The wellbeing team assists students and families wherever need exists.

Principal, Mr. Keith Willett, is passionate about student wellbeing at Cobram AGS.

“As a parent myself I wished for my children to go to a school that has a safe social and learning environment and that they came home happy, I want to encourage our young people in our school to prepare themselves to be productive local citizens wherever their path may lead them”. - Keith Willett

student wellbeing

The Cobram AGS school structure includes two sub schools:

Junior School (Foundation to Year Six)
Senior School (Year Seven to Year Twelve)

The Year Level Coordinator (YLC) roles provide additional student management and wellbeing.

Foundation to Year Two - Mrs. Jacinta Robbins
Year Three to Year Six - Miss Emily Willmott
Year Seven to Year Nine - Mr. Jon O'Dwyer
Year Ten to Year Twelve - Mrs. Carolyn White

The Year Level Coordinators along with Homeroom Teachers, Heads of School and the Wellbeing Team provide support for all students across our school.