Computer Club

Below is the schedule for Computer Club this year. You can join us every Thursday afternoon from 3.05pm until 4.00pm in the STEM Lab or you can choose the content that suits your interest and only attend for those terms. For any more information please contact Mrs Melonie Smith.

Term One - Python programming

In this you will learn how to use python language to program in the Grok Learning platform. In Week 5 of Term One, the National Computer Science Competition starts and we will be working until the end of the term on completing as much of that that is possible. It is levelled at beginner (blockly), beginner (python), intermediate (python) and advanced (python). This is an excellent tool for students interested in computer science and mathematics.

Term Two - 3D design and printing

This term we will learn how to use “Fusion 360”. Students will need to download “Fusion 360” onto their own computers and set up a free student account using their school email. Once their subscription (free) has been verified (normally takes 1 week) they can start trying out the program. If their computer is unable to handle the software requirements of “Fusion 360” they will not be able to participate this term. We are aiming to complete a bag tag of their own design and print it. If this project has been completed previously they can try to design and print a race car to specific dimensions for our school race track. During science week these cars will be raced along our awesome race track.

Term Three - Web Page development

We will learn via the Grok Learning platform how to write HTML and CSS in order to produce and decorate our own websites. Advanced students will also be introduced to JAVA script.

Term Four - Cyber security

Students will complete the cyber security challenges produced by the Australian Computing Academy. These are based on cryptography, safety on social media and safety on public servers. Students will receive a certificate for each course they complete. Advanced students can also use this term to practice “capture the flag” challenges. The students in senior school that have completed these courses over the last couple of years can come together on a Monday afternoon and prepare for the “UNSW progComp” via the cupcake server or the Cyber Taipan Competition or the Oxford Coding competitions etc depending on which is on the horizon.