VCE Subject Selection

Greetings students and families of the Cobram AGS Senior School,

I would like pass on some information in regards to VCE subjects selections. For our students in Years 9 and 10 this means considering a 'Fast Track' subject and for our Year 11 and 12 students it is time to bed down an appropriate course for their final two years of study.

Those wishing to undertake a 'Fast Track' subject, that is a VCE subject in advance of the standard Year 11 and 12 program, or begin a VET course, will need to obtain approval from Mr. Kennedy prior to finalising their enrolment. These students should nominate their preference on the form and will be contacted by Mr. Kennedy in due course. Students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and or are undertaking an atypical pathway for health and well-being reasons, should consider the 'Fast Track' option.

Eligible students will have been emailed a link to a digital form that requires them to indicate their Round One preferences. Students and their families should note that it is possible that not all subjects that appear on this Round One form will be available when it comes to final selection. Obviously schools need to offer subjects on the basis of the preferences of the cohort of students currently undertaking study and this differs from year to year. It is important to note that despite our relatively small VCE cohort, Cobram AGS offers an exceptional array of subjects often matching or exceeding that offered at the larger schools in our region.
Things to consider.
When deciding on which subjects to study in VCE it is important to remember a few key things.
  • What you're good at.
  • What interests you.
  • Any prerequisite subjects for courses you might be considering at tertiary level.
  • If the subject will assist in leading you to an occupation you're interested in.

Students and families are also encouraged to make contact with subject teachers if they have any further subject specific inquiries, or Mrs. Drew for information on VET Courses. 

It is also worth reminding families that there are numerous resources available on our careers website at CAGS Careers that will help to navigate the selection process. Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Drew will be available by appointment to discuss each student's overall VCE pathway before students, especially those entering Year 11, make their final selections. We look forward to assisting you all during this exciting period and welcome inquiries via appointment, Dojo, email or whichever platform is most convenient for you.

King regards,

  Mr. Ash Kennedy
  Head of Senior School