Principal's Message

A school community best serves its students when it provides a setting that promotes aspiration and opportunity for all of our young people to achieve their own personal and  specific potential. In other words to ‘be your best’. At Cobram AGS we will ensure that all students are provided with an educational pathway that will contribute to them being genuine, humble and productive citizens both in a local and global sense.

As a parent of four adult children my wish for them, when they were of school age, was to attend a school that provided a safe social and learning environment and for them to come home happy. I still believe if schools can deliver these two things then the writing, reading, maths, science, running, jumping – all the other things schools are obligated to encompass, will be achieved.

Another thing I hoped for as a parent was that I could send my children to a school that offered opportunities and experiences that would not only fulfil them but set them onto a path for their future. I look forward to continuing to work with students, families, staff and the wider Cobram community to ensure Cobram AGS provides such opportunities and experiences.

I invite you to come and meet me at school any time, for a discussion about future enrolments or a general chat about the Cobram AGS Community. I welcome all correspondence via email on or please make a time to see me via the school office 03-58711816.

Regards and best wishes

      Mr  Keith Willett