Middle School Years 5-8

School life as our students transition into high school can often mean some new changes and challenges. But most of all it embraces new pathways, subjects and those eager to learn. We have staff who are passionate about facilitating this quest with our Middle School team made up of outstanding educators from an array of learning areas who are committed to supporting our students. Here at Cobram AGS our Middle School offers innovative educational pathways that are designed to embrace academic progress, and build resilient, confident young adults, preparing them for higher schooling and life in the workforce.

Throughout the region, Cobram AGS is highly regarded for its rigorous academic programs; however, we maintain that learning happens best when it is built upon safe classrooms where every student feels comfortable to be themselves giving them every opportunity to succeed. Our mission is to ‘Keep the Student at the Centre’. Every decision that is made in the Middle School relates to the growth of your child. We offer an extensive choice of opportunities in many varying and interesting areas and we encourage your child to take advantage of these co-curricular opportunities.

Being part of our school, means your child is a valuable member of a team, which includes students, staff and families, working together to develop the very best quality educational outcomes for all. As parents or guardians, we encourage you to enjoy the experience of becoming part of our School community, and watch your child develop with confidence.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me at the school any time, to discuss your current or prospective queries regarding our Middle School Years. 

Mr Kale Watkins
Head of Middle School

E| kale.watkins@cags.vic.edu.au

Middle School | Teaching & Learning

Middle School academic programs are based on mastering the fundamental skills in each core subject area. In addition, this is a time to allow students to explore possibilities through elective academic programs that offer a broad range of skills and learning before they need to begin thinking about specialising and following a pathway to a chosen course or career. 

Middle School provides an environment where leadership opportunities and training, careers knowledge and conversations, intellectual risk-taking and optimal academic outcomes can be achieved. The middle years recognise and cater for the significant and rapid changes that often
occur in adolescents and our clear pastoral system of care establishes respectful relationships between staff and students.

The Victorian Curriculum subjects currently offered in our Middle School include:

Year 5 & 6 Year 7 & 8
RAVE – Religious And Value Education
RAVE – Religious And Value Education
Inquiry Unit
The Arts
Language – Chinese
Physical Education
Physical Education
Language – Chinese
Outdoor Education
Food Technology
Cartooning & Media