11 Oct 2022

Year 9/10s embrace heat in the kitchen

Our Year 9/10 Food for Life elective students had to embrace some heat in the kitchen as they took part in a MasterChef style challenge!  Each student was challenged to create a dish containing three 'lucky dip' nutritious ingredients (a fruit/vegetable, cereal/seed and various types of milk or juice), be snack sized and visually appealing. 

There was great variety in what the students dished up, with the food ranging from parmesan crumbed chicken nuggets to peanut butter bars! Once the countdown clock hit zero and it was time to plate up, the students’ food was at the mercy of our staff who had the chance to try each food item and vote for their favourite! 

At Senior School Assembly, Charley Hume-McKenzie was declared the winner of the challenge, with her simple but delicious parmesan crumbed chicken nuggets and avocado dip attracting the most votes from staff members. 

Charley posing with the winning dish!