01 Sep 2022

Year 8 students delve into Islam culture

In Term Three, Fajer Hasan was invited by Mrs Post to speak to our Year 8 cohort about Islam as they had been studying the religion as part of their RAVE class. A practicing Muslim and school teacher herself, Fajer was able to reference different parts of Islam culture by coming back to her own experiences, which perfectly complemented the students’ classroom learnings.

Fajer discussed many topics such as the origins of Islam and the Holy Quran, as well as Islamic customs like purifying the body with water before prayer and only consuming food that is prepared halal. Fajer spoke candidly about some of the misconceptions Muslim people can face, stressing that not all Muslims practice Islam behaviour equally. 

She taught our students that Islam is an extremely diverse culture which can vary greatly depending on geographical location. Fajer was even kind enough to bring along a traditional male and female garment for some of the students to try on!