02 Jun 2023

Year 5/6 students tackle Cobram Primary School

Amidst a vibrant atmosphere and under clear blue skies, our Year 5/6 students engaged in friendly matches of football and netball against Cobram Primary School. The games showcased the students' sportsmanship and skill, resulting in a fun experience for all involved.

These highly anticipated matches were part of a community initiative that brings together primary schools from the local area for spirited competitions. The football match was a tightly contested affair, with our team ultimately falling short by a margin of four goals. Importantly, the match was played in terrific spirit and the participants relished the opportunity to test themselves. 

Meanwhile, the netball game unfolded as a thrilling contest, with our side prevailing by five goals. Both sides displayed great agility, strategic thinking, and teamwork. 

A highlight of the day was being able to welcome so many of our parents who were in full voice, cheering and encouraging our students with great vigour! 

We commend our Year 5/6 students for their outstanding sportsmanship. Their dedication, teamwork, and enthusiasm reflect the values we strive to instill in our students. We also extend our gratitude to Cobram Primary School for their sportsmanship and for providing our students with a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

We eagerly anticipate future opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and engage in friendly competition with other schools in our local area.