28 Apr 2023

Year 5/6 classes have a sweet day out

At the start of the Term Two, our Year 5/6 students embarked on an educational excursion to Scali Orchard in Shepparton as part of their Agriculture studies focused on apples. This orchard holds a special connection to our school, as it is owned by the grandparents of the Latina family, who are students in our midst.

During the outing, our students had the opportunity to engage in various activities. They experienced the opportunity to handpick apples from the trees, observed the fascinating packing and sorting machines in action, and savored the delight of tasting the freshly harvested produce. The Latina family displayed incredible hospitality by treating the group to a BBQ lunch after the tour and made sure they didn't go hungry later thanks to a big bag of freshly picked apples.

It was an exceptional day filled with learning and discovery, allowing our students to gain valuable insights into the intricate process of apple cultivation and sales. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Latina family for their warm welcome and for creating an unforgettable experience for our students.