09 Sep 2022

Year 3/4 students' golden experience

At the end of Term Three, our excited Year 3/4 cohort departed Cobram and headed to Beechworth for their first ever school camp! 

It was a fun-filled few days which started off with a step back in time as the children went panning for gold. Many were successful and walked away with a grain of gold in their pocket for safe keeping! Another activity saw them visit the Chinese gardens and they also managed to hug the 400-year-old But But Tree! 

Afterwards they set off for a walk through the Beechworth Old Gaol. The historic court house a was hit as the students re-enacted Ned Kelly's famous trial which was a fantastic experience for all involved. The group then visited Burke Museum where the students experienced the olden day shops and got to view some historical artefacts, taxidermy, cultural events and maps of the Gold Rush. 

The children were greeted by a special visitor as Principal Willett dropped by to help cook crepes for breakfast before their final day of adventures. The Old Priory accommodation was an eye opener for the children and they were amazed by the labyrinth of the rooms.