16 Jun 2022

Taster Day shows them the Cobram AGS way

On June 15 our school was brimming with excitement and enthusiasm as we held our Year 7 Taster Day. This was previously a staple event in our Year 7 transition program pre-pandemic so it was fantastic to be able to run it once again. 

On the day our current Year 6 students were joined by a group of students from external primary schools and they participated in a range of classes that run in our Year 7 curriculum. The aim of the day was to essentially give them a small ‘taste’ of what to expect as a Year 7 Cobram AGS student to make their eventual transition to secondary school that little bit easier.

Most importantly, it was fantastic to see the students enjoying themselves as they tried their hand at different skills and familiarised themselves with our Year 7 teachers. While mostly aimed at assisting the students’ transition to secondary school, we hope the day also provided them with a great opportunity to interact and make friends with children from other schools and students from outside their own classroom.