06 Jun 2023

Students star in Lions Public Speaking Competition

A memorable morning unfolded in the PAC on 6 June, as students in Years 3-6 took the stage to deliver their Lions Club speeches. 

With an audience comprising of their fellow peers, a panel of judges that included esteemed members of Cobram Lions Club, and their proud parents, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. 

Our school finalists were: Aroha Kautai, Kasey Trembath, Lexie Bruce, Alison Orwin, Bridie Iskov, Stefania Wright, Alice Lebner and Oliver Adkins. Each student exhibited clarity and confidence during their speeches, leaving a lasting impression on all who listened.  

In the Year 3/4 category, the coveted title of the most outstanding speaker was bestowed upon Alice Lebner, while Oliver Adkins secured the deserving position of runner-up. The Year 3/4 participants had the task of writing a speech based on the theme 'oh no – you've turned into a giant!’ 

Moving on to the Year 5/6 category, Alison Orwin claimed the title of the most outstanding speaker with an articulate and expressive address, while Kasey Trembath stood out as the runner-up. The Year 5/6 entrants had the task of writing and delivering a factual information speech on ‘strange world records set in history'.

Our congratulations go out to all participants who embraced the challenge and seized the opportunity to showcase their oratory skills. We extend our gratitude to the Cobram Lions Club for their valuable presence and support in judging the speeches alongside Mrs Jan Brown, Mr Geoff Brown and Mrs Fiona Clark.