23 Jun 2022

Students find their voice

In the final week of Term Two, eight of our students participated in the Lions Junior Public Speaking Competition.

The students in Years 3-4 who participated had to articulate to the attentive crowd which state (besides their home state) they would like to visit and why. The Year 5-6 students then had to introduce a famous person who lived in the 19th century, explaining some facts about this person and what they did to become famous. 

All eight students did an outstanding job delivering their speech to the Year 3-6 students and our judging panel; Janet Austin (Lions Club representative), Mr Willett, Mr Brown and Mrs Seccull.

The Year 3/4 first place went to Aroha Kautai, followed closely by runner up Bella Broderick, while the Year 5/6 first place went to Summer Jarjoura, with runner up going to Isabel Stirling. Aroha and Summer will represent Cobram AGS next term at the Lions Club finals. We wish them good luck!