27 Jan 2023

New Executive Team create synergy

Before the commencement of Term One 2023, our newly structured School Executive Team plus School Council members Neil Hicks (School Chair) and Alex Monk (Deputy Chair) participated in a leadership and strengths workshop with Sydney-based consultant Anne Lingafelter. The group partook in a range of exercises with Anne, largely designed to help each member of the Executive discover how their individual strengths, personal characteristics and patterns of thinking and working can best compliment those of their colleagues.

Anne’s knowledge and guidance in this teamwork development space is an invaluable asset for our school and will hugely assist our new Executive Team in cultivating a cohesive and unified leadership unit. This workshop was centred around Gallup’s Clifton Strengths assessment, which subsequently produces a summary report outlining individual strengths and patterns of thinking. Our Administration Team also participated in a similar workshop with Anne last year and it has proved to be incredibly beneficial in improving teamwork.

The following members of staff make up our 2023 Executive Team:

Keith Willett (Chair)

Narelle Schreenan

Fiona Clark

John ThompsonShea Doyle

Patrick Tansey

Joanne Bourke (Secretary)