29 Apr 2022

Lachlan’s big day

Year 12 student Lachlan Ross was bestowed the enormous honour of being named Moira Shire Young Citizen of the Year at the Shire’s 2022 Australia Day Awards held on April 28 2022.

Lachlan was formally recognised for his many outstanding contributions to his local community and the wider community, such as organising the Royal Roundup fundraiser/toy drive for children spending Christmas in the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Good Friday Appeal.

He is also an ambassador for the Royal Children’s and is involved in ongoing research there. In addition to his work with the hospital, he has made significant contributions to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Despite pouring so much energy into his work with the Royal Children’s, Lachlan still finds time to volunteer with the Katamatite Lions Club which has led to him receiving a Lions District Children of Courage Award. He has also recently been accepted into the Katamatite CFA.

You can read more about Lachlan’s big day in our latest Crier newsletter.

The entire Cobram AGS community congratulates Lachlan on this fine achievement – it is certainly well deserved.