02 Mar 2023

Junior School Assembly award winners

On 15 February at our Junior School Assembly, we acknowledged the endeavour and application of our students over the first few weeks of Term One. 

The following students were Shining Star recipients:

Year 1/2 DB

Jenson Mortlock
Billy Daniel
Frankie Lean
Dylan Gillespie 

1/2 SB
Valerie Strauss
Uday Singh
Gurnayab Sandhu
Rachel Wong
1/2 LR
Ruby Swift
Grace Kelly
Veresa Cossar
Ryan Cramer
Hunter McMaster

3/4 D
Lyra Robbins
Nate Rodda
Nicholas McDiarmid

Hunter Eldridge
Piper Eddy
Neve Rickard
Lara Maher
Elsie Murphy
Maddi Simpson
Hameesha Fernando

Kohen Hadrell
Lexie Bruce 
Ibraam Solomon 

Students from both Foundation classes received praise from Ms Anthony and Mrs Humphries for the way they have settled into their new routine at school. Congratulations to every student that was formally recgonised by their teacher! 

Check out the gallery of photos by clicking one of the image icons below.