14 Aug 2020

Investigate, Collaborate Year 7, 8, 9

Year 7 started learning about Forces. They looked at various scenarios which included the effect of gravity, magnetism, static electricity, push, pull and twist forces on objects. They also had made a crash test dummy and observed the effects of a crash on both a driver and a stationary car, and considered safety features of cars and how they protect drivers and their passengers.

8B students dissected chicken wings and 8A dissected hearts as part of their Living Systems unit recently. They have been looking at both the circulatory system and skeletal system, and will look at the excretory system next. Students have learnt how blood moves through the heart and body via the lungs to pick up and deposit oxygen, carbon dioxide and glucose. They have also learnt how muscle is attached to bone, and how bones stay together in the body.

Year 9 Cows Create Careers students are diversifying into horticulture, and planted flowers and vegetables of their choice in the vegetables gardens in the agriculture area. Students chose silver beet, spinach, peas, potatoes, carrots, parsley and broccolini. They dug up the veggie beds, incorporated soil with high organic matter, then mulched their seeds or seedlings with rice hulls.