25 Apr 2023

Healing together: Cobram AGS community unites for National Sorry Day

On 24 May, our school community united to commemorate National Sorry Day. We held two separate assemblies (Junior School and Senior School) to ensure the content was age-appropriate and relevant to the audience. 

Within these gatherings, the Year 9B English students under the guidance of Mrs Post delivered an exceptional presentation that enlightened the audience about the suffering endured by the Stolen Generations. Both Year 9 groups emphasised the role our present generation of young people can play in the process of reconciliation. 

The presence of esteemed Indigenous community leaders added an extra layer of significance to the event. Among our guests were Aunty Iris Troutman, representing the Many Mobs Indigenous Corporation in Yarrawonga, Uncle Michael Morgan of Yorta Yorta Country, Aunty Therese Rodway of Wiradjuri Country and Diedre Robertson from Reconciliation Shepparton. It was also fantastic to see our students participating in classroom activities with a Sorry Day theme.

In addition to our own Sorry Day ceremonies, a group of our indigenous students and teachers students attended the National Sorry Commemoration at Monash Park in Shepparton, along with student leaders from the secondary school.

We are so proud of the students involved for giving up their time on a pupil free day to actively participate in this significant community event. Year 11 students Claire Stillard and Madison McDiarmid had the responsibility and privilege of delivering a reading and both should be commended for the way they spoke so eloquently in front of a large audience. 

This was a powerful morning for our students and staff who attended the commemoration and indeed one filled with reflection and storytelling that plots a path forward for a united Australia. 

You can watch our two National Sorry Day Assemblies by clicking on the YouTube link below.