27 Jan 2023

Getting up to speed with Mental Health First Aid

In line with our commitment to improving student wellbeing outcomes, our school entire staff cohort completed Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training. This training was conducted by licensed instructor David Mellington, a former PE teacher. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid is a practical skills-based education program that equips whole school communities with the skills and confidence needed to recognise and respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis.

Run over two day-long sessions, David presented information on numerous mental health conditions that can be seen in young people including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders amongst many others. David taught our staff how we can practically implement the mental health first aid action plan (ALGEE) in situations where we believe somebody is experiencing a mental health crisis or is showing early signs of a mental health illness. ALGEE can be seen below.

Principal Keith Willett said it was imperative that Cobram AGS staff members undertake MHFA training. “We believe having our staff trained in the area of mental health is of critical importance as our young people continue to face new challenges and pressures associated with the digital age and post-pandemic world. Importantly, our staff are now accredited Mental Health First Aiders, meaning we have more knowledge around complex conditions and are better equipped to support our young people where we see a mental health issue arising,” Mr Willett said.