24 Nov 2020

Foundation 2021 | TRANSITION PROGRAM

Our 2021 Foundation "school readiness" interviews were conducted in the first week back in Term Four. Mrs Swoffer Head of Junior School conducted the interviews which were a great opportunity to talk with parents about the year ahead, observe the student write their name, count out aloud and complete a range of gross and fine motor skill activities.

Mary reiterated that ‘creating an environment where each and every student feels safe and secure is critical to them reaching their potential. Our face to face interviews provide the perfect platform for this process to commence.'
'Children with the support of parents share their interests, friendship groups and ability to concentrate, focus and complete tasks. As an educator I collect this information and commence the planning to create the optimal learning environment for every student’ she affirmed.

Following interviews, our 2021 foundation students were placed into four small groups (in accordance with the strict Covid regulations) with special emphasis placed on keeping some familiar faces together and introducing new friendships with children with similar interests. These small groups then attended weekly sessions during Term Four. With sessions running Monday to Thursday we were able to accommodate family commitments and where possible not clash with kinder programs. Logistically this was a lot of work but the results have been incredible. We have seen every single 2021 Foundation enrolment engage in a huge range of activities and programs.

Our 2021 foundation teachers Mrs Jacinta Robbins and Mrs Kate Lee have run every session with a focus on play, friendships, exploration, listening and following instruction, becoming familiar with the new environment as well as commencing assessments to ensure our 2021 program is targeting each students needs, challenging them and supporting their social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Some of the activities they have been involved in have included; specialist music classes, a language class which included a visit from Roody the puppet, physical education activities in the school gym, library activities, and visiting the Agriculture Centre and watching the calves being fed and eggs being collected.

At the conclusion of our transition program in the last week of term our 2021 Foundation students will take home with them a social story which will have photos and simple sentences that they can read and look at over the long Christmas break to further familiarise them with their 2021 teachers, Year 6 and Year 12 buddies, class mates and key areas of the school.
2020 has seen many challenges faced and stretched us all out of our comfort zone, but what it has also done has seen our 2021 foundation students participate in an intensive and thorough transition program that sees them more prepared and ready for the start of their school journey than any previous years.

Our Two foundation teachers are also very excited about 2021, they have developed a strong rapport with their 2021 students, getting to know them and their families, creating connections and ready to start the new school year teaching from day one as the children are all settled, know the routines, have spent time with each other and understand the expectations.

2021 is set to be an exciting and fabulous year at CAGS.