07 Jun 2023

First Aid Schools

Kellie and Robyn from St John's Ambulance Australia visited our school to educate students from Foundation to Year 6 about the significance of First Aid and how to handle emergencies using the DRSABCD method.

Using a captivating storybook, the Foundation students witnessed Johnny Bear identifying an emergency and implementing the danger, response and send for help strategy.

The Year 1/2 students learned to recognise danger during emergencies, respond accordingly, and know how to send for help. They were guided on the necessary phone number to call and even role-played scenarios to gain comfort in dialing 000 during real-life situations.

The Year 3/4 students revisited the steps of 'DRS,' which involved assessing potential dangers, obtaining a response from the person in need, and promptly calling Triple Zero. They were also taught how to check the airway and breathing, as well as how to position a patient in the recovery position.

For the Year 5/6 students, the focus was on learning CPR techniques and understanding when it is essential in a first aid scenario. Additionally, the students actively engaged in group problem solving activities that presented various first aid situations, enabling them to apply their acquired knowledge.