20 Oct 2022

Farewell for now, class of 2022

The sun was shining and it was a carnival-like atmosphere as our Year 12s soaked up their final hours at Cobram AGS. Their chosen dress up theme was ‘Barbie’, with the Year 12s (and Mr O’Dwyer) looking pretty in pink. There was a ‘find the Barbie doll’ challenge in which numerous Barbies were hidden around the campus, with one in particular needed to be found to guarantee the winner a bag of lollies! The best detectives were siblings Tia and Xavyer Hyde who managed to locate the elusive barbie.

After a fun-filled morning, the entire School gathered in the PAC for assembly where we had the chance to formally celebrate the contributions made by our 13 Year 12 students. While some within the cohort have only joined our School in the last couple of years like Matt Everingham, Annelise Everingham and Chloe Andrew, others such as Rory Brooker have been with us since Foundation. No matter how long they have been here, each student has made an impression in their own unique way and contributed to our school community. The most heart-warming part of the assembly saw each Year 12 student read a reflection, describing their most impactful teacher. 

Many of the students commented on the special bond they share with certain teachers who have guided and helped shape them into the people they are today. The significance of this day as a landmark achievement in the students’ lives was best encapsulated by School Captain Rory Brooker in his closing address. After a montage of school memories and funny moments shared between the cohort was displayed on the big screen, Rory described watching the video as “one of the greatest moments of my life”, and said he hoped other students in the room would one day have the fortune of experiencing this moment themselves.


Mr Willett commended the Year 12 group for their exemplary behaviour this week and indeed for their application over the course of the year. “There couldn’t have been a prouder Principal anywhere in Australia. These students are all fine young adults and have made a tangible impression on the very fabric of our School. As they get set to embark on a new chapter, we look forward to watching them grow and prosper in the years ahead and they should know they will always be welcome back at Cobram AGS,” Mr Willett said. 

We wish the cohort well in their upcoming VCE exams and indeed with their future endeavours. They will always be remembered fondly and welcome back at Cobram AGS anytime.