25 Aug 2022

Cows create memories for our Year 5/6 students

Over the past few weeks, our Year 5/6 students have been busy looking after a pair of calves they aptly named Cookies and Cream.

Cookies and Cream have been temporarily living in our Ag Pen as part of the Cows Create Careers project which feeds into our broader Agriculture Program. The project seeks to introduce students to the dairy industry and provide a hands-on experience.

As part of the project, the Year 5/6 students have been responsible for feeding our guests each day at 8.30am and 2.30pm by way of a rotating roster. It goes without saying they have loved the responsibility and have thoroughly enjoyed working with these wonderful animals which are a vitally important animal within our local agricultural landscape.

It's certainly been a collective effort to ensure Cookies and Cream have been fed at the appropriate times, with the students and their families giving up their time on weekends to make sure they haven't gone hungry! 

Participating in this project wouldn't have been possible without the help of Mrs Carolyn White and her daughter Lauren as they have coordinated the logistics and helped the Year 5/6 students feed the calves over the weekends.