25 Jul 2022

Anglican Schools Service

On 21 July 2022, our Year 12s had the opportunity to travel down to Melbourne to take part in the Anglican Schools Service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Close to 30 Anglican schools from around Victoria gathered for the special occasion. Ms Doyle said the service was highly engaging and our students were particularly wowed by the performance of the Caulfield Grammar Strings Ensemble. 

The theme of the service was 'Creating Ripples,' and those present were encouraged to reflect on the power of a thought or idea, and how it has the potential to cascade into something significant. The students were then asked to discuss this concept with other students in their vicinity.

Principal Willett, who accompanied the students with Ms Doyle, said that while it was a big day trip for all involved, it was certainly a worthwhile experience and provided some valuable learnings our students can apply to their schooling and lives in general.

"The Anglican Schools Service enabled our Year 12 students to engage in a powerful reflective service with students from a wide array of schools across Victoria," he said.

"The theme 'Creating Ripples' was certainly thought-provoking in the sense it encouraged our students to think about the bigger picture and how their actions can contribute to positive change in the world. St Paul's Cathedral was an inspiring environment and the musical pieces and Liturgy delivered some really powerful messages," Mr Willett added.