Wellbeing Covid-19

For Term 3, 2020 the counselling team will continue to provide the normal school-hour service, modified to comply with the required social-distancing principles. On normal school days, between normal school starting and finishing times, the counselling team will be available during their regular scheduled hours.

Vanessa Wannis (School Councilor) is available from Monday to Friday during the school term. She can be contacted on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings, all day Wednesday, and Thursdays from 11:00 AM.

Kevin Quinn (Educational Pyschologist) is available all day on Wednesdays.

Parents and students can make appointment times or message Vanessa on Class Dojo.

Interviews and Counselling sessions will be conducted through Microsoft Teams, an application similar to Skype. Please contact your Head of School if you are having trouble connecting or the school office 03-58711816.

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