Covid-19 information

Cobram Anglican Grammar School continues to monitor the COVID situation and applies restrictions as directed by the relevant Government agencies.


Update to Families July 27 2021 Return to school Document


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Further to the information provided on Friday I would like to confirm that Cobram AGS will be commencing Remote Teaching and Learning on Tuesday 20th July. The current lockdown period was due to end at 11:59 on Tuesday 20th of July however the Victorian Premier has announced this morning that the lockdown will be extended. The rules and timelines around lifting the lockdown are yet to be determined. I will provide an update on this as soon as I am able to.

Student supervision will be available onsite for students where their parents are deemed to be authorised workers or for students who are vulnerable or have a disability. Please ensure that the booking form is completed by 4pm each afternoon to ensure that we are adequately staffed, particularly if your student is needing to travel on a bus. Some of the buses will not run if there are no students booked on them so it is critical that we have this information.

Link to booking form:

At this point we are opening bookings for the remainder of this week pending more information from the Government.

A full list of essential providers and authorised workers is available at

Please also be advised there will be no canteen running this week therefore students attending for on-site supervision will need to bring their recess and lunch.

For students who do not have access to a device for remote learning, the school has a number of laptops available for students to borrow, if you require one of these please contact the school at your earliest convenience to arrange.

Later today I will send all families detailed information related to the arrangements for remote Teaching and Learning.

Once again I thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Keith Willett


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

I trust this letter finds all in as good as spirits as possible considering the latest COVID-19 enforced lockdown.

The most accurate information that I can provide in relation to return to school arrangements next week is as follows.

At this point in time it seems that there are 3 different possible scenarios for next week.

1. That we complete the current lockdown period until midnight Tuesday and then return to face to face schooling on Wednesday. If this is the case teachers will be communicating work related tasks to students on Monday of next week that will allow students to resume schoolwork on Tuesday.

2. The lockdown in regional areas is lifted earlier than midnight next Tuesday, therefore allowing us to resume face to face schooling on Tuesday. (This would be wonderful)

3. The COVID situation worsens and the lockdown is extended. Obviously this scenario will require a longer period of Remote Teaching and Learning.

With this in mind I think we need to ‘hope for the best, but plan for the worst’.

In the event of any period of remote Teaching and Learning families are assured that on site supervision will be available for those students who meet the eligibility criteria.

The school will also make available a laptop to any student who would require such assistance.

 Please remember that Monday July 19 is a student free day. No students will be attending school nor will there be any remote Teaching and Learning completed. Teachers will be working to prepare for whatever situation eventuates after Monday.

As soon as I am in a position to provide more detailed and thorough information I will do so. This will probably be Monday morning.

In the meantime we wait, stay safe and look forward with optimism, to positive news from the Government Authorities.

Sincerely Yours,

Keith Willett


Good Afternoon Families and Students,

I write to you to keep you abreast of the recent developments in Victoria, related to COVID-19 today.

No doubt all have heard that the state of Victoria is once again in a COVID driven, 5-day lockdown. This means we are in lockdown until 11.59pm Tuesday July 20.

We are informed that this will start as a state-wide lockdown, however, if the situation allows, the lockdown may be lifted in regional areas earlier.

Tomorrow, the Cobram AGS Executive will be meeting to discuss our plans for any scenario that may evolve in the coming days.

As soon as we are in a position to do so, we will inform families tomorrow, of the best course of action for you and your young people up until next Tuesday.

I know that this news is not what any of us wanted to hear, even if we understand the health reasons that have compelled the government to impose these restrictions.

Take care & sincerely yours,

Keith Willett


Please see below Term 3 return to school letter, with all relevant COVID information from our Principal Mr Keith Willett.

Reminder that Monday July 19 is a student free day with students returning on Tuesday July 20.