CAGS Parents & Friends

CAGS P&F serves to organise activities that bring the school community together. Throughout the year, CAGS P&F strives to create a sense of belonging for school families, promotes the interests of CAGS in the wider community, co-ordinates social and other activities that celebrate the achievements of our students and school, and support CAGS by raising and using funds to enhance the experience of our students.

Throughout the year, CAGS P&F have purchased items such as shade sails, microscopes, sports equipment for the playground and Physical Education classes, musical instruments, ovens in the food technology centre, and various other resources to directly benefit students. Both the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls were hosted by CAGS P&F. Fundraising and promotional activities in the wider community have been undertaken including the MAC Inc Café Culture Series, the Cobram Swap Meet and the Easter raffle.

Thank you to all the families and friends of our community for contributing to our fundraising and social activities throughout the year. CAGS P&F look forward to working together with new and familiar faces as we continue to support the endeavours of CAGS.

If you are interested in being part of the CAGS P & F please don’t hesitate to send us an email at we’d love to hear from you.

Mrs Jan Stillard
CAGS P & F President