Cobram Anglican Grammar School

Is an Anglican school with a passion for academic excellence, inclusion and community.

We are one of 15 schools across Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia owned and operated by the Anglican Schools Commission Inc. (ASC). The appeal and success of ASC schools lie in our strong sense of community, the standards and values we celebrate and our innovative and progressive approach to learning.

Here at Cobram AGS, our students feel valued, happy, safe and nurtured. They are encouraged to participate actively in all aspects of school life including academic studies, sporting events, cultural pursuits and community service. 

Our foundation values enhance a student's overall development as a confident, resourceful and compassionate young person, well equipped to face the challenges of adulthood. We are focused on allowing students to reach their full potential and take advantage of the opportunities which come their way. 

Our school is a lively and happy place to be. We invite you to Cobram AGS.