Our Learning - Middle School

In the Middle Years (Years 5-9) at Cobram Anglican Grammar School, students are provided with an age-appropriate and vigorous academic programme for the transition years from childhood to adolescence. The School fosters a secure, caring and disciplined environment to facilitate students’ movement from primary to secondary schooling.

A significant feature of these years is the emphasis on quality individual learning and the provision of an environment where every student can flourish as a successful learner. A challenging curriculum, as well as a wide variety of sporting, creative and artistic opportunities, encourage students to question and to be intellectually adventurous and creative within the classroom and in the wider school environment.

The quest for knowledge is nurtured through an extensive range of programmes. Provsion is made for special talents and abilities while support is provided for those students who need different resources in order to achieve their potential.

Within the academic environment, particular emphasis is placed on:

  • the development of oral and practical skills
  • an investigative approach to learning
  • the use of initiative to solve problems
  • the application of skills, knowledge and understanding
  • the ability to undertake individual projects and to work as part of a team